Thankful for My Husband

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Today I want to focus on giving thanks for my husband. It’s not his birthday or a special holiday of any kind but I am sort of making this day, “his day”. I’ll be making tuna casserole for supper. I don’t care for it but he loves it, so I make it at least once a month.

And I will betroth you to me forever. I will betroth you to me in righteousness and in justice, in steadfast love and in mercy. Hosea 2:19

In our world today, just based on what I read in the media, overhear or sometimes am completely exposed to, hateful conversations by women or men who don’t appreciate their spouse – I wonder what is going on? Some even seem to downright hate their spouse. In fact, many have the idea that they deserve to be completely served by their spouse – like there is no such thing as serving others or each other. Often the spouse bashing makes me furious.

If you want a good marriage, you need to have a servants heart. <—– tweet this

The Chimney Sweep

The Chimney Sweep


My Dear Hubby is a hard working man. In fact he is the hardest working person I know. And more importantly, he’s not afraid of hard work. Maybe that comes from growing up on a Nebraska farm where chores were done before and after school. Many men his age have obtained cozy desk jobs or retired but that would drive my man crazy. He loves working with his hands (he’s a carpenter) and loves the outdoors. Hunting is his favorite sport. He loves being out in nature, “because I can hear God in the silence.”

Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure,… Hebrews 13:4

He is also extremely kind and generous. He does little things to make me and others happy. He often goes beyond what is expected of him. I don’t have to worry about leaky faucets or a faulty dryer because he can fix it. In this I am very blessed. He’s a “jack of all trades” and if he doesn’t know how to fix something, he’ll figure it out.

Welcome_to_Our_Family_Website___Larry_and_Kathleen_O_Donnell_Grone____in_the_Black_Hills_of_SDI think one of the most endearing things about him is that he hums and whistles, usually praise songs to our Heavenly Father but sometimes I’ll hear a golden oldie, like “our song”, So Happy Together by The Turtles.

He’s also a prayer warrior and prays with me and for me whenever I ask or sometimes he’ll just say, “MyHoney, I think you need prayer” and he’s usually right. Often those prayers continue on to include prayers for our children, two grandkids, other family members or friends. My kiddos have a wonderful father and they know it.

“God created marriage. No government subcommittee envisioned it. No social organization developed it. Marriage was conceived and born in the mind of God.” Max Lucado 

My Dear Hubby is not perfect. Every morning I wipe his crumbs off the kitchen counter, clean up spilled coffee or pick up his dirty socks or magazines, and oh yes, always an abundance of nails, nuts, bolts, tools… But you know what? After 28 years with this man, I consider it an honor to serve him however I can. When I think of all he’s done for me and our family, I am overwhelmed, blessed and filled with complete love for him. He’s a giver of himself to me, his children and those he works with and his friends.

I thank my God for my husband :)  <——tweet this 

I don’t want to give the misconception that our marriage was always good. To be honest, MyDearHubby married a “shrew”. If you have never seen or read Shakespeare’s, “The Taming of the Shrew” you are missing a great play and movie. Let’s just say I was ripe for the role but thankfully, I can laugh at myself now. Let’s just say, I got “tamed” ;)

So, how do you serve your spouse? How does he or she serve you? What makes your spouse so special to you? What can you do to make them happy and improve your marriage?

Have a wonderful day :)

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I was 11 and MyHoney was 16 when this song came out – we met years later. Enjoy!

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24 thoughts on “Thankful for My Husband

  1. Hi Ms. Kathleen! This is Mai at the Happy Wives Club and Fawn wanted to make sure you saw the note that our Thursday link up party has now moved to Marriage Mondays – beginning today. We want to get all our favorite married bloggers linking up every Monday so we hope you’ll join us.

  2. What I love most about my marriage is we live to serve each other. What my husband cares most about is making me happy, making me smile and loving me to the best of his abilities and that shows in all he does and says. My desire is exactly the same so we’re constantly trying to “one up” each other on how we can better serve the other. It’s a beautiful thing. Thanks for linking up, Kathleen!

  3. I just checked out your blog for the first time . It was nice to read a blog where you are lifting your husband up with positive comments. My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in December. I am truly blessed with an awesome husband . He is also a great dad to our 15 and 17 year old daughters.

    • Karen, that is awesome! Congratulations! That is a huge milestone to be sure. Our youngest turned 21 :( There are a few things that make me feel a little elderly – ha! Thank you for stopping by!

    • Thank you Lori :) Yes, spouse bashing is the worse and what people don’t realize is that it isn’t the spouse that looks bad, it’s the bashers! Bless You! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Serving my hubby is one of my favorite things in the world. And serving me is one of his favorites. I think the way we do that most is by anticipating each other’s needs and desires and trying to meet them before the other even makes the request. Every day that passes, our marriage gets stronger, our lives get better and I fall in love with that handsome man all over again. Thanks for linking up, Kathleen!

  5. Great post! it can be challenging to remember the good points of our spouse. It takes work to get along sometimes! I have been working on looking at the positive more these days.
    PS. I came over from Katherine’s Corner..

  6. So happy to see you over at THANKFUL THURSDAY linking up your grateful heart with ours. I so enjoyed your post! What a wonderful tribute to your hubby. May you continue to have a wonderful, God centered marriage. BLESSINGS.

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