[allegra’mente] adverb

  1. Cheerfully
  2. Brightly

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    I used to hate Spring. Truly! Growing up, I remember feeling uninspired, bored, and dreading the hot weather when April would roll around. If you were to ask me today how I feel about it, I’d tell you that I love it. It’s been a goal for the past year or so to work on […]
  • ‘What is Truth?’
    “The existence of truth is self-evident. For whoever denies the existence of truth grants that truth does not exist and, if truth does not exist then the proposition: ‘truth does not exist’ is true, and if there is anything true, there must be truth.” – Saint Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica 1Q2, A1 “What is truth?” […]
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    This is a big topic and it’s one that is so underrated. I wish that I had more people in High School (honestly, before then) who really sat me down and taught me how to reflect on my skills, interests, and passions to come up with a game plan for my future. The main focus […]

“Joy doesn’t come easily to everyone but it is possible for everyone.”